Saturday, April 10, 2010

One More Time by Barb Wiatrak-Young

A friend, R.J. McGinnis, sent me this. He was thinking of Jim when he read it. It's a perfect poem, since tomorrow would have been Jim's 61st birthday. The poem was written by one of R.J.'s former classmates. Thank you, R.J., and thank you, Barb Wiatrak-Young.

One More Time

by Barb Wiatrak-Young

If I could hug you one more time,

Or tell you that I care,

To hold your hand and see your smile

That follows everywhere...

If I could kiss your tender cheek,

Or dry a little tear,

If I could hear your laughter,

But there is none to hear.

If only for a moment

We could share a word or two,

I would give the world & all

If I could know you knew.

That you are missed so much,

In every thing I see,

Your sparkling eyes & joy

Were everything to me.

Why don't we hold each moment,

So fleeting and so fast,

The joy we only realize,

When it is gone and past.

We should cherish every moment,

There may not be another

To have just one more time,

To love and have each other.

One more time is gone,

It has vanished with your light,

And one more time, just one more time

Could fill my darkest night...