Monday, July 20, 2009

From the Editor - Mystery Readers Journal

This is part of Janet Rudolph's letter from the editor in Mystery Readers Journal today. That was so nice of her.

This column appears in the latest issue of MRJ: Volume 25: No. 2, Los Angeles Mysteries I.

by Janet A. Rudolph (Berkeley, California)

This is the first of two wonderful issues on Los Angeles mysteries. I know you'll learn a lot about new and older mystery authors who set their works in L.A., the "other" California city. We've tried to capture the essence of mysterious—and sometimes noir—L.A. in this issue and in the companion issue. Thanks to all the contributors. If you want to contribute to the next L.A. issue, let me know ASAP. Send an email to, and I'll save some space.

Speaking of Los Angeles, LEFT COAST CRIME 2010 will be held in L.A. March 11–14, 2010, and I hope you plan to attend. Registration is open, and the committee is working on some great programming. There will also be an extra day added: Forensic Science Day. A must do! Guests of Honor: Jan Burke and Lee Child. Toastmaster: Bill Fitzhugh. Fan Guest of Honor: Me. So you understand why I'd like to see you there. Go here to register.

Mystery Readers Journal continues to increase readership, and I couldn't be more thrilled. I plan to have the Journal available as a downloadable PDF very soon as part of our efforts to go Green. I will send out an email letting you know how to do that. Rest assured though, if you'd still like to have the Journal in hardcopy, you will receive it. Past issues will also be available as downloadable PDFs at a nominal fee.

It's been an interesting spring with lots of wonderful new titles published. I just finished the new Peter Lovesey, George Dawes Green and Alexander McCall Smith. All three were terrific. And, those were only the ones I read last weekend. There are so many great blogs out there, too, with wonderful reviews. Case in point is Lesa Holstine's Lesa's Book Critiques. What an avid reader and terrific reviewer. I'm thrilled to announce that Lesa has joined Mystery Readers Journal as a reviewer. Her first reviews appear in this issue.

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