Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Cats

I wanted to post pictures of the cats.

Dickens turned 8 in March. It's hard to believe his sister, Lammie, has been gone almost four years now. He was born behind the bookcase in our bedroom in Estero, FL on March 22, 2000. He was one of a litter of four born to Ocelot.

Annika Nicole is our princess. We have a sign over the doorway that says, "Nikki's World." She's almost four, a gorgeous Desert Lynx, with a sweet disposition. Nikki is a true daddy's girl.

And, then there's Josh, a little terror. He's now almost 11 months, but he was about 9 months at the time of the picture. He's a sweetie, except he chewed on cords, and hasn't yet learned not to attack me with claws and teeth in bed at night. But, he loves to be walked on a leash.

This is Stormy Roy Ann Weatherly. She's going on twelve. She showed up on a rainy night, and poor Jim spent time out in the rain trying to entice her into the garage. She's named after a baseball player, Roy "Stormy" Weatherly.

Shadow was the cat we had to put to sleep. We adopted Josh afterward. Shadow was
twelve when he died. What a kind cat. No cat ever loved me as much as he did, or probably ever will. He looked at me with more love in his eyes than I've ever seen. He was Uncle Shadow to all of the young kittens. He took them under his wing, particularly Dickens. Dickens only made it on the cross-country trip because Shadow was in the same cage as him.

And, then there was Ocelot. She was the mother of Dickens and Lammie. But, she wanted to be an only cat, so I gave her to a friend, Marge Early. And, according to Marge, they're just two old ladies growing older together.

Our cats. We love them, and miss Marmalade, Lammie and Shadow.

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BooksPlease said...

I love cats and yours are so beautiful. My cat, Lucy, caught a tiny bird this morning and a mouse the day before. She's 14 and still behaves like a kitten most of the time.